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How it Works

What you do

We keep what you have to do to an absolute minimum and make it as easy as possible. All we need you to do is to log on to our easy to use online software and spend a few minutes each month simply entering your invoices & expenses. That’s it, we take care of the rest for you

Online software

Access our easy to use software anywhere with internet access. You will very quickly get to grips with how easy it is to upload your expenses and send off your invoices. It will tell you who owes you money and chase them up for you. It reminds you when your taxes are due and gives you instant up to date estimates. It can help you track projects so you bill the right client the right amount if that helps you. Watch our video to see how easy it really is.

What we do

We pride ourselves on customer service, that’s why we give you your very own dedicated account manager. They will get you up and running and be there whenever you need them. They handle all of your paperwork and will be your first point of call for any queries.

Our experienced accountants will produce your accounts at the end of the year. You can arrange to chat with them to talk through your accounts or to answer any technical accounting questions you may have. They keep up to date with all the latest accounting & tax news and make sure that everything we do is technically correct.

If you like the simple way we work then why don’t you take a closer look at all of the benefits of our contractor accounting service.

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