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Company Formation

Interested in setting up your own business but not sure how to setup a Limited Company? We can take care of the company registration process for you from start to finish all we need is a few basic details. Starting a company has never been easier than with our Limited Company formation service.

• Company registration with Companies House

• Company formed in just a few hours

• Assistance with Limited Company bank account

• Company Structure advice

• Register your company with HMRC

Why set up a Limited Company?

If you are starting a business then setting up a Limited Company can be a very beneficial way of trading. A Limited Company can offer you limited liability, greater perceived credibility and most importantly one of the most tax efficient ways to start a business.

Setting up your business in 4 simple steps

Limited Company registered at Companies House

We will complete the necessary company formation process with Companies House and have your Limited company setup in just a matter of hours. We will email your new company documents to you the same day.

Advice on the best way to setup your own business

We offer all of the advice you could possibly want regarding how to register a company. We will ensure that we setup a Limited Company in a way that meets your personal needs and makes you as tax efficient as possible.

Help opening a new business bank account

When you start a business one of the first tasks is to setup a business bank account. We can point you in the direction of suitable bank accounts for your Limited Company and help you apply for an account.

HMRC Company registrations

After forming a Limited Company you need to register the business with HMRC. We will take care of your VAT registration, Corporation Tax registration and register your company for PAYE. We will do this in the background allowing you to start trading though your new Limited Company straight away.

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