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Umbrella Company service

If you are currently using an umbrella company we have one question for you, why?

Take home more money!

Umbrella companies are typically only beneficial as a short term solution. If you plan on contracting for longer than 3 months then we could help increase your take home pay considerably!

Not happy taking home 65% well switch to a new Limited Company now and we could help you to legally maximize your take home pay up to 90%.

Receive your personalised Limited Company take home calculation now.

Below we have provided you with an example of the difference in take home pay between an umbrella company and a limited company. These figures are based on tax rates and allowances for 2012/13 and may be affected by your personal circumstances. We strongly recommend you take advice from a specialist contractor accountant before acting or not acting on these figures.

I don’t want the hassle

Maybe you were told it was a lot of hassle to have your own Limited Company? Well we take the hassle out of running a Limited Company for you. You simply spend a few minutes a month entering your invoices and expenses on our easy to use software and we do the rest.

Making the switch

We make it so easy to switch from an umbrella company, we can setup your own Limited Company while you are working through your umbrella company and help you understand what having a limited company means for you.

When you are ready to switch simply inform your client/agency and you are away!

Take a look at how our accounting service works and what we can do to help you

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